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How to become a Preferred Roofing Contractor like Green Leaf Roofing?

Did you know that only the Best Roofing companies get on the list of Preferred roofing contractors from Manufacturers? Well, now you do! Thanks Owenscorningroofing Owenscorning for the trust for Green Leaf Roofing LLC . 💪🏻🏡 Great times !

Preferred Roofing Contractor
Preferred Roofing Contractor

Let's see How to become a Preferred Roofing Contractor?

  1. You've got to be properly insured for the business services you provide and maintain your coverage active

  2. You have to maintain your building license active depending on your State regulations whether it's specifically Roofing license or other type of licensure which allows you to work in the trade

  3. You should maintain good reputation within your service area and have great recommendations from your previous customers

  4. You would probably have to maintain certain minimum ordering amount of materials per year to be eligible for the program

  5. In general your team must provide quality roofing services and best results so you don't loose the privilege to be in the program

With that you'll get great benefits not only to the overall trust to your Roofing business but also some great perks from the manufacturers:

  1. great rewards program

  2. First priority support

  3. Better options for manufacturers warranties

  4. Special offers and promotions

  5. Training programs

  6. Promotional accessories and marketing products

  7. And much more

So overall it's definitely worth becoming a preferred contractor for your chosen manufacturers. Yes, it doesn't have to be only one brand. You can be preferred contractor with two or more manufacturers but you really don't want to spend up too much as it will take linger to grow your account with each one.

Good luck and lots of work for all of our Roofing contractors colleagues! 💪🏻

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